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Auto Train Ticket Jacket

Printed full-color combination ticket sleeve and informative brochure, September, 2008

Auto Train Brochure Cover, 1980s

Printed brochure advertising the Auto Train

Auto Train Brochure, 1983.

Printed brochure advertising the Auto Train, published in October, 1983.

Silver Meteor near Hollywood, Florida, early 1970s.

Black and white photograph of the southbound Silver Meteor (New York-Miami), framed by palmetto leaves; dates to the early 1970s.

Amtrak's New Crescent

Color printed promotional brochure from 1979, giving fares

Leased Canadian Trainset in Richmond, Va.

Leased Canadian LRC trainset in Richmond, Va., in 1981.

Sunset Limited Inaugural

Inaugural celebration at Gulfport, Miss., on March 31, 1993

Auto Train art.

Color poster art for the Auto Train from a 1990s marketing campaign.

Sunset Limited Heads East

P40 pulling a Superliner-equipped train over the bridge at Escambia Bay outside of Pensacola, Fla.

"Go 900 Miles on One Tank of Gas."

1980s advertisement for the Auto Train.