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Amtrak Update, September 15, 1973.

Amtrak Update. Vol. 2, No. 13 (September 15, 1973): 8. Print. Includes black and white and color photographs. From the Ed Von Nordeck Collection.

Amtrak Update was a newsletter published for Amtrak employees. Feature articles in this issue focus on the new Amtrak Reservations and Ticketing System (ARTS); the new station at Springfield, Mass.; and the fact that an almost full cup of water placed on the floor of a new Turboliner was found not spilled after two days of travel.

Amfleet coach car No. 21135, 1970s.

Color slide showing Amfleet coach car No. 21135 as part of a larger consist; image likely dates to the late 1970s.

Silver Star near Lorton, Va., 1970s.

Color slide showing the Silver Star (New York-Tampa-Miami) near Lorton, Va.; image likely dates to the 1970s.

Atlantic City Rail Terminal dedication booklet, 1989.

Multi-color printed paper booklet created for the dedication of the Atlantic City, N.J., Rail Terminal and the inauguration of Atlantic City Express service (Washington/New York/Philadelphia-Atlantic City) in May 1989. "The service represents the culmination of a five-year effort undertaken by Amtrak and New Jersey Transit to restore the Atlantic City rail line," Amtrak noted. Speakers included Atlantic City Mayor James Usry and U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg. From the Ann Owens Collection.

Amfleet II food service car interior, 1980s.

Color photograph showing the central cafe section of an Amfleet II food service car; image likely dates to the 1980s.

Amfleet coach car No. 21800 interior, 1981.

Black and white photograph showing the interior of Amfleet coach car No. 21800; image dates to 1981.

Acela brochure, 2000.

Multicolor printed paper brochure issued in April 2000 to introduce the public to new Acela services, which included Acela Express, Acela Regional and Acela Commuter. The brochure explains the seating options and on board amenities. Acela Regional service began in January 2000, while Acela Express trains entered revenue service in December 2000. From the Ann Owens Collection.

Heritage sleeping car No. 2467, 1983.

Black and white photograph from October 1983 showing Heritage sleeping car No. 2467 from above.

X2000 making test runs on the Keystone Corridor, 1992.

Color film slide showing the X2000 making test runs on the Keystone Corridor in November 1992.

X2000 on display in Merced, Calif., 1993.

Color film slide showing the X2000 on display at the Amtrak station in Merced, Calif., during its national tour on July 12, 1993.