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Home > Archives > "Amtrak's Superliner is Somethin' Special" poster, 1980s.

"Amtrak's Superliner is Somethin' Special" poster, 1980s.

Multicolor printed paper poster highlighting the arrival of new bi-level Superliner equipment; dates from 1979 to the mid-1980s.

"Amtrak's Superliner is Somethin' Special" poster, 1980s.

The Amtrak Superliner, whose layout was inspired by the popular Santa Fe "Hi-Level" cars, entered the development and design phase in 1973. Amtrak mechanical and electrical engineers with specialties in brake systems, car body mechanics, electrical systems and other areas advised the principal design team as specifications for the bi-levels were drawn up.

The Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle), whose route is shown on the bottom of this poster, was the first train to feature full Superliner service, with inaugural trains making their debut at the end of October 1979. To mark the occasion, “Champagne was offered to adult passengers…and buttons and other souvenirs were distributed.” Earlier in the month, promotional trains with Superliner coaches, a diner and a sleeping car had covered the entire route, stopping at each Amtrak-served community to show off the new face of long-distance train travel. Visitors could tour the cars and learn about accommodations.

From the Anne Owens Collection.