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Dining car interior, 1976.

Promotional color photograph from 1976 showing meal service in a Heritage Fleet Dining car.

Dining car interior, 1976.

In this image, Dining car attendant Julie Byrne uses a blue coffeepot made by the Hall China Company of Ohio; it was part of a set of serving pieces that also included teapots, creamers, sugar bowls, water pitchers and bud vases. They are noted for their angular handles, as well as the medium blue color specified by Amtrak. Other china used in Amtrak's early years included plates and bowls manufactured by the Mayer China Company and then the Homer Laughlin Company; they have a cream/beige base with blue rims. In general, these serving pieces and chinaware are referred to as the "Amtrak National" pattern.

To prepare for the arrival of the new bi-level Superliner cars, Amtrak in the mid-1970s redesigned the uniforms worn by on-board service employees. Female attendants such as Ms. Byrne wore navy blue slacks with a navy blue blouse or turtleneck pullover, as well as a white vest trimmed in blue to match the jacket worn by men. By April 1, 1978, all on-board service personnel were sporting the new look.

Photo courtesy of Julie Byrne.