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Engineers ending their shift, 2010.

Color digital image showing two engineers departing a locomotive at the end of their shift; dates to October 2010.

Engineers ending their shift, 2010.

In this image, engineers Ernie Alston and Sean Daughtry exit the lead locomotive of the northbound Auto Train upon its arrival in Lorton, Va. One hands down a "grip," railroad lingo for a crew member's personal effects.

The Auto Train offers direct service between Sanford, Fla., conveniently located close to the state's famous theme parks, and Lorton, a suburb of the nation's capital. It is the only Amtrak service to simultaneously transport passengers and their motor vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, small boats and water-skis. With locomotives and coach, sleeping, dining, lounge, and auto-rack rail cars, the Auto Train is considered the longest passenger train in the world, often measuring about ¾ of a mile.

To start their journey, passengers drive through a vehicle gate, at which they receive a claim-check number that is also affixed to their vehicles. Proceeding to the loading area, the vehicle is dropped off, video-documented, and loaded into a double-level auto-rack rail car. Passengers continue on foot into the station with their overnight luggage to await general boarding.

This image is one of a set entitled "A Day in the Life of Amtrak" completed for the Amtrak 40th Anniversary celebration.

Photographer: Doug Riddell for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.