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French language cafe car menu, 1991.

Multi-color printed paper menu issued in 1991 for display in a food service car. Includes an accent drawing of a F40 locomotive.

French language cafe car menu, 1991.

This large format menu would have been posted on the wall of a food service car and describes the various sandwiches, snacks, beverages and sundries available for purchase by customers. Selections included a tuna salad sandwich, cheese pizza and hot chocolate. Since the menu is in French, it was likely used on the Montrealer (Washington-New Haven-Montreal) or the Adirondack (New York-Montreal), both of which served communities in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada. Prices are listed in American and Canadian dollars.

At the time, most national network and short-distance trains had a food service car that generally contained a cafe with counter in the center, flanked by an area with tables and benches on one end and a lounge area with informal seating on the other.

From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.