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Home > Archives > GG-1 No. 906 at the Army-Navy Game, 1975.

GG-1 No. 906 at the Army-Navy Game, 1975.

Color film slide showing Amtrak-owned GG-1 No. 906 parked near John F. Kennedy Stadium in South Philadelphia; image dates to 1975.

GG-1 No. 906 at the Army-Navy Game, 1975.

One of the longest running and most famous college football rivalries is between the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Military Academy. The first game was played in 1890 at West Point, but by 1899 it had moved to Philadelphia, easily accessible from West Point and Annapolis. Over the years, the Army-Navy Game has largely stayed in the City of Brotherly Love, moving in 1936 to the larger Municipal Stadium (later renamed after President John F. Kennedy) at the southern end of Broad Street. The increasingly popular annual event attracted crowds from across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, so much so that the Pennsylvania (PRR) and Baltimore and Ohio railroads began running special trains to the stadium.

Amtrak continued this tradition after taking over the nation's intercity passenger rail services in 1971. Here, GG-1 No. 906 waits to pull a train  to New York, making intermediate stops at Metropark and Newark. The famed GG-1 electric locomotives were manufactured for the PRR in the 1930s and 1940s for use between Washington-New York and Philadelphia-Harrisburg. Amtrak used the GG-1s until there were sufficient E-60 and AEM-7 locomotives so that the GG-1 fleet could be retired.

Photographer: Unknown

Courtesy of an anonymous donor.