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Broadway Limited at Horseshoe Curve postcard.

Color paper postcard featuring the Broadway Limited traveling over the famous Horseshoe Curve in fall. This card is one of a set produced by Amtrak with various images of trains and interiors and dates to the late 1980s or early 1990s.

<i>Broadway Limited</i> at Horseshoe Curve postcard.

The daily Broadway Limited (New York/Washington-Chicago) took its name from that of a predecessor run by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). West of Altoona, Pa., the train passed over the famous Horseshoe Curve, completed by the PRR in 1854. Construction of the 2,375 foot long curve necessitated the blasting of a hillside and filling of two ravines. Considered a 19th century engineering marvel, Horseshoe Curve is designated a National Historic Landmark. The Amtrak Broadway Limited was discontinued in 1995, but the Pennsylvanian (New York-Pittsburgh) now travels along the curve twice a day.

In this image, the Broadway Limited, led by two F40PH locomotives in Phase III livery, pulls tubular Amfleet coaches, as well as Heritage sleepers and baggage cars purchased from the predecessor railroads.

According to the front of the card, it was provided as a complimentary gift to sleeping car passengers.

From the Ann Owens Collection.