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Piedmont train departing Raleigh, 2012.

Color digital image showing a Piedmont (Raleigh-Charlotte) train departing the Raleigh station.

<i>Piedmont</i> train departing Raleigh, 2012.

In this image, a Piedmont train, lead by locomotive No. 1797, heads south from the Raleigh station on its way to Charlotte. In the background is the section of downtown between the state capitol and Memorial Auditorium. The Colonial Revival style Raleigh depot, located just out of this image to the right, was opened by the Southern Railway in 1950. It stands adjacent to the busy Boylan Wye, a crucial piece of North Carolina’s railroad infrastructure where lines owned by CSX, Norfolk Southern and the North Carolina Railroad meet.

Amtrak operates the Piedmont trains under contract with the State of North Carolina. All Piedmont equipment is newly refurbished and state-owned. The distinctive livery, which incorporates red, white, blue and gold, echoes the colors of the state flag. The F59 EMD locomotives are named for cities along the route, while the corresponding number represents the city's date of incorporation. No. 1797 is known as the "City of Asheville."

Photographer: Collin King for Amtrak.