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Silver Star at Baltimore, 2014.

Color digital image likely showing the Silver Star (New York-Tampa-Miami) stopped at Baltimore Penn Station; dates to June 2014.

<i>Silver Star</i> at Baltimore, 2014.

Based on the inclusion of Viewliner sleeping cars in the consist and the time of day noted on the Passenger Information Display (PID) screen, this train is likely the northbound Silver Star. Viewliner sleeping cars, manufactured by Amerail and introduced in 1996, are primarily used on routes in the East and Midwest where tunnel and bridge clearances preclude the use of bi-level Superliners. The Viewliners replaced the remaining Heritage sleeping cars that Amtrak had purchased from the predecessor railroads when it took over most of the nation's intercity passenger rail services in 1971.

When completed in 1911, neoclassical Baltimore Penn Station highlighted the city's importance as a rail hub and major East Coast metropolis. Designed by Kenneth MacKenzie Murchison, the station's facade features a large clock face. The waiting room is bathed in soft, diffused light that filters through three shallow glass domes, and the walls are faced with white and pink marble.

Photographer: Chuck Gomez for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.