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Turbo Service flyer, 1973.

Color printed paper flyer highlighting the introduction of Turboliner trains on the Chicago-Springfield-St. Louis route on October 1, 1973. Flyer includes sample fares and schedule.

<i>Turbo Service</i> flyer, 1973.

The gas turbine RTG Turboliners, based on a French design and capable of reaching speeds of up to 125 mph, were initially introduced on the Chicago-Springfield-St. Louis route in fall 1973. Over the next few years, they spread to other routes emanating from the Chicago hub. A later version known as the RTL Turboliner was delivered to Amtrak in 1976-1977 for use on services in upstate New York.

An advertisement for the Turboliners in the national timetable issued on October 28, 1973, stated: "You glide down the track so smoothly you can scarcely feel the rails...[while] interiors feature French styling in simple sunny colors." Amtrak marketed the new trains with various promotional materials, such as this button.

From the W. Mike Weber Collection.