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Inaugural Maple Leaf ticket, 1981.

Two-color printed paper ticket made to commemorate a ceremonial run of the Maple Leaf (New York-Toronto) on April 27, 1981.

Inaugural <i>Maple Leaf</i> ticket, 1981.
As Amtrak entered its second decade, it began an international partnership with VIA Rail Canada to launch the Maple Leaf, which crosses the border at spectacular Niagara Falls. In a unique arrangement that continues today, Amtrak provides the equipment. Amtrak On-board Services personnel oversee the train as it travels up the Hudson River and across New York; once it clears customs and moves onto Canadian soil, VIA staff takes over. This commemorative ticket, issued for the day after service was inaugurated, employs the red and white color scheme of the Canadian flag and features stars and maple leaves symbolizing the United States and Canada, respectively. The ticket also includes the French “Bon Voyage,” as Canada recognizes both English and French as official languages in all federal institutions. From the Ann Owens Collection.