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LRC train in the snow, 1980s.

Color slide showing a LRC train led by locomotive No. 38 dashing through a snowy landscape; image likely dates to 1980-1982.

LRC train in the snow, 1980s.

In early 1977, Amtrak agreed to lease two high-speed trainsets designed by the Canadian team of Bombardier, Alcan and Dofasco. Known as "Light, Rapid, Comfortable" - or "LRC" for short - the Amtrak trainsets each included one 16 cylinder, 3725 hp diesel-electric locomotive, four 84-seat coaches and a club car. The lightweight trains were designed to reach speeds up to 125 mph on existing rail infrastructure; tilt technology allowed them to take curves at faster speeds than conventional equipment.

During Amtrak testing of a prototype locomotive and car on curved and straight track along the Northeast Corridor, the train achieved top speeds of  89.6 mph and 117 mph, respectively. Amtrak employed the trainsets in revenue service on the Northeast Corridor from 1980-1982. Following expiration of the lease, they were returned to the manufacturer.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.