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Metroclub meal ticket and receipt, 1970s.

Multicolor printed paper meal ticket and receipt for Metroclub passengers; dates to the 1970s.

Metroclub meal ticket and receipt, 1970s.

Metroliner Service trains included a first class car called Metroclub that had roomy, individually reclining swivel parlor chairs; there was also a phone booth available to passengers. A service attendant provided food and beverage service at one's seat. This meal ticket lists breakfast options such as French toast, an omelet and pastries on one side, and a variety of beverages on the other.

Originally developed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, luxurious interiors and fast running times made the Metroliner Service a viable competitor to regional airlines. Under Amtrak, frequencies increased to keep up with demand, and trains often reached speeds of up to 110 mph.

From the Ann Owens Collection.