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Metroclub interior, 1970s.

Color photograph showing a passenger service representative assisting passengers in a Metroclub car; dates to the early 1970s.

Metroclub interior, 1970s.

In this image, Passenger Service Representative (PSR) Patty Saunders speaks with passengers in a Metroliner club car - known as Metroclub. In her role, Saunders assisted customers on the train and listened to their complaints and compliments regarding Amtrak service, passing on ideas for improvement to management. She wears a mini skirt and red jacket, which incorporates the first Amtrak service mark in white along the collar and button band. In early 1972, Amtrak unveiled new uniforms by designer Bill Atkinson; female PSRs could chose from pieces such as hot pants and a floor length skirt that could be mixed with various tops and sweaters.

The first class Metroclub had roomy, individually reclining swivel parlor chairs; there was also a phone booth available to passengers. A service attendant provided food and beverage service at one's seat.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.