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Employees modeling new uniforms, 1977.

Black and white photograph from the July 15, 1977, issue of Amtrak NEWS showing employees modeling new uniforms for attendants and Dining car stewards.

Employees modeling new uniforms, 1977.

The first Amtrak uniforms were in use until the late 1970s when updates were made in preparation for the arrival of the new bi-level Superliner cars. Above, from left to right, employees model the new uniforms for male attendants, male Dining car stewards and female attendants. By April 1, 1978, all Onboard Service personnel were wearing the new ensembles.

The uniforms would “combine comfort and fashion and present a professional image to the public.” An article in the June 15, 1977, issue of Amtrak NEWS noted that Dining car stewards would be receiving “Amtrak Blue” uniforms “designed to look and wear better than the old two-piece red suits they replace.” The new polyester pieces included tailored jackets with rounded collars and flared, cuff-less trousers. A sense of formality was retained by requiring stewards to wear a white vest with five logo buttons and blue trim at the pockets, as well as a blue necktie.

Male attendants had found the earlier white double-breasted jacket uncomfortable and too short, so it was changed to a longer, single-breasted style. Female attendants now wore navy blue slacks with a navy blue blouse or turtleneck pullover, as well as a white vest trimmed in blue to match the men’s jacket.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak.