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Northeast Corridor Track Work.

Black and white photo printed in the 1979 Amtrak Annual Report (p.14).

Northeast Corridor Track Work.
Major efforts were made in 1979 to improve Northeast Corridor traffic in every way possible, from on-time performance to comfort within the cars and on the rails. Improving service while literally rebuilding the railroad proved a challenge. That year, crews rehabilitated 121 miles of track, including the installation of 296,000 concrete ties and 74 miles of continuous welded rail; installed 173,000 new wood ties; cleaned 55 miles of ballast; surfaced 112 miles of track for high-speed operation; replaced 10,500 ties at interlockings; and renewed 21 turnouts. During extensive work periods, some schedules were lengthened, including those of the popular Metroliner Service (Washington-New York).