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Home > Archives > "New Metropark Station Gives Jersey Its Own 'Gateway'" advertisement, 1972.

"New Metropark Station Gives Jersey Its Own 'Gateway'" advertisement, 1972.

Printed paper insertion proof of an advertisement created to highlight the new Metropark, N.J., station; dates to 1972.

"New Metropark Station Gives Jersey Its Own 'Gateway'" advertisement, 1972.

This advertisement was one in a series created for Amtrak between 1971 and 1973 by the Ted Bates agency of New York City. In a letter to Amtrak, the agency noted that advertising was placed in newspapers, radio, television and magazines, but the first two were preferred "because of their ability to present local information and immediate impact."

Opened in November 1971, Metropark is one of a handful of stations on the Northeast Corridor that was planned with the automobile commuter in mind. These stations were constructed in the hope of attracting new riders who had moved out of the city and into the growing suburbs. Key to their success was a railroad’s ability to acquire inexpensive parcels, adjacent to new highways, which were large enough to hold both a station and a spacious parking lot.

Located 15 miles southwest of Newark in Woodbridge Township, the Metropark site is adjacent to the crossing of the Garden State Parkway and the Lincoln Highway (State Route 27). Since the site was also in a distant New York City suburb, it could potentially be developed as an office park that would attract major corporate clients. Metropark gave business persons living in the suburbs access to the high-speed Metroliner Service (Washington-New York).

From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.