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Onboard Service employees in new uniforms, 1978.

Black and white photograph from the May 1978 issue of Amtrak NEWS.

Onboard Service employees in new uniforms, 1978.

This image depicts Onboard Service employees at the Oakland, Calif. crew base. They were some of the first of 2,000 employees to receive new uniforms designed to coincide with the planned introduction of bi-level Superliner equipment. The uniforms, which went into effect on April 1, 1978, “combined comfort and fashion and present a professional image to the public.” Attendants had found the white double-breasted jacket introduced in 1972 to be uncomfortable and too short, so it was changed to a longer, single-breasted style.

As seen in this photograph, the men’s uniform consisted of navy blue pants, white shirt, navy blue four-in-hand tie, navy blue or black socks and black shoes. The white jacket featured navy blue trim around the inside of the collar and along the two pockets. The "military type" collar resembled that of the old Pullman uniform. Female attendants wore navy blue slacks with a navy blue blouse or turtleneck pullover, as well as a white vest trimmed in blue to match the men’s jacket. As usual, the cost of the clothing was split between Amtrak and the employee.

From left to right are Ralph Crane, train attendant; John Brown, lead service attendant; John Johnson, train attendant; Aaron Morris, steward; Fred Taylor, chef; and Joseph Miller, McKinley Thompson and Walter Gaskin, service attendants.

Photograph by Ray Caldwell for Amtrak.