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Onboard Service personnel, late 1980s.

Color photograph from Amtrak's Pride & Professionalism: Outfitting Your Future, a uniform guide published in the late 1980s.

Onboard Service personnel, late 1980s.

In the 1980s, uniforms worn by Onboard and Station Services personnel shifted from shades of red to calming navy blue and grey. Manufactured by the Grief Companies, the clothing was made from a rich tropical wool blend with “classic lines and sharp details—clothes you can feel proud to wear.” Outfits were set off with straight or bow ties for men and ties for women; against a burgundy background, a pattern was created by alternating the Amtrak logo in grey and blue. Employees were also encouraged to choose from a variety of “timeless accessories” such as cardigan and pullover sweaters “so you can put together a professional look that’s uniquely yours.”

Above, Auto Train attendants Peter Sullivan and Patricia Stafford model their uniforms on a platform at newly renovated Washington Union Station. In the background is AEM-7 locomotive No. 952 wearing the Phase III paint scheme introduced in 1979.