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Home > Archives > Refreshed Amfleet I Business class car interior, 2017.

Refreshed Amfleet I Business class car interior, 2017.

Color digital image showing a refreshed Amfleet I Business class car interior; image dates to Oct. 2017.

Refreshed Amfleet I Business class car interior, 2017.

In Sept. 2017, Amtrak announced that it was investing in an extensive overhaul of the interiors of the famed Amfleet I cars used primarily on routes east of the Mississippi River. Through a close study of customer feedback, the Amtrak design team zeroed in on a crisp, modern look and cleaner restrooms. The process of updating all cars should take about nine months and represents a nearly $17 million investment.

Refreshed coach and Business class cars will receive new seat cushions, carpeting, brighter LED reading lights, wainscoting and bulkhead and flooring in restrooms. In addition, Amtrak will unveil redesigned galleys in the café cars.

This image shows a newly refreshed car completed by Amtrak forces at the Ivy City Maintenance Facility north of Washington Union Station. A grey two-tone upholstery with blue accent on the headrest denotes Business class. Amtrak's Industrial Design team produced about 50 concept sketches for the seat cushions, and roughly 20 carpet prototypes - working with various yarn colors - before hitting on a winning pattern.

Photographer: Chuck Gomez for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.