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Interior of a Superliner I Dining car, 1980s.

Promotional color photograph showing the upper level of a Superliner I Dining car.

Interior of a Superliner I Dining car, 1980s.

In 1974, Pullman Standard won the contract that, as amended, called for production of 284 new bi-level cars. Manufactured at a plant in Hammond, Ind., the order included 102 coaches, 48 coach-baggage cars, 25 café/lounge cars, 70 sleepers and 39 diners.

Amtrak accepted the first Superliner in October 1978, and it was used for the training of Onboard Service and maintenance crews. A reporter for Amtrak NEWS noted that “seat upholstery is inspired by designs of the Southwestern Indians.” The final car in the Superliner I order arrived in 1981—representing a six year, $313 million capital investment on the part of the company.

The upper level of a Dining car contains 18 tables seating 72 passengers, as well as a central serving area for the service attendants. Downstairs, the fluorescent-lighted, air-conditioned, all-electric kitchen originally had convection and microwave ovens, grill, toaster, coffee maker and warming table.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak.