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Home > Archives > "Train of the Future" Turboliner poster, 1977.

"Train of the Future" Turboliner poster, 1977.

Multicolor printed paper poster released in February 1977 to tout the new RTL Turboliners ordered for use in New York state.

"Train of the Future" Turboliner poster, 1977.

The RTL Turboliner trainsets were based on the earlier RTG Turboliners,which were in turn developed from the French ANF gas-turbine T 2000 RTG "Turbotrain" trainsets. Capable of reaching speeds up to 125 mph, the RTGs were first introduced on the Chicago-St. Louis route in late 1973 and soon spread to other Midwestern routes.

Built by Rohr Industries, the RTL Turboliners were delivered to Amtrak in 1976-77 for use in upstate New York on the Empire Service (New York-Albany-Buffalo) and Adirondack (New York-Montreal). They were modified from the RTG units to include American couplers and standard 480 volt head end power. To access Grand Central Terminal in New York City, the RTLs were also equipped for third rail electric operation. Amtrak built a separate maintenance facility in Rensselaer,N.Y. to service the Turboliners.

According to the national timetable issued on May 1, 1977, the RTL Turboliners "offer a smooth, quiet ride in an air-conditioned, entirely carpeted interior (walls and ceilings as well as floors)."

From the Ann Owens Collection.