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Home > Archives > Transition Sleeper No. 39005 in the snow, 1990s.

Transition Sleeper No. 39005 in the snow, 1990s.

Color photograph of Superliner II Transition Sleeper No. 39005 showing the lower level door; image dates to the early 1990s.

Transition Sleeper No. 39005 in the snow, 1990s.

Due to the success of the original Superliner equipment, which proved popular with customers and boosted Amtrak’s image as a modern, progressive railroad, the company placed a $340 million order for 140 additional "Superliner II" cars in 1991, which was later increased to 195 cars. Constructed by Bombardier at plants in La Pocatiere, Quebec and Barre, Vt., the cars were intended to add capacity and replace Heritage equipment on the Capitol Limited, Auto Train and City of New Orleans.

The Superliner II order added a sixth car type, the transition sleeper/dormitory, to the Superliner fleet. As its name indicates, it acts as a transition between bi-level and single-level passenger cars; therefore, one end door is high and the other low. Most of these cars have a mixture of crew dormitory rooms and passenger Roomettes on the upper level; crew work space on the lower level; and public restrooms and showers on both levels.

Photographer unknown for Amtrak.

From the Blair Slaughter collection.