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Working in an inspection pit, 2010.

Color digital image showing a mechanic inspecting an Acela Express trainset; image dates to October 2010.

Working in an inspection pit, 2010.

In this image, Mechanic Margaret O'Neil-Simone examines the underside of an Acela Express trainset at the Southampton Street Yard in Boston. A thorough review from the inspection pit ensures that the train is working properly.

Intended to compete with airlines for travelers in the Washington-New York and New York-Boston markets, Acela Express trains entered revenue service in December 2000. The Acela Express train sets were designed and manufactured by a consortium of Bombardier and Alstom. Each of the 20 train sets includes six passenger cars between two power cars at each end. To prepare for the arrival of high-speed rail service in 2000, the northern end of the Northeast Corridor between New Haven and Boston was electrified, which included the installation of catenary poles, wires and electrical substations.

This image is one of a set entitled "A Day in the Life of Amtrak" completed for the Amtrak 40th Anniversary celebration.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.