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Home > Archives > X2000 crossing the Potomac River, 1993.

X2000 crossing the Potomac River, 1993.

Color film slide of the X2000 crossing the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, W.Va., on the last day of its national tour in July, 1993.

X2000 crossing the Potomac River, 1993.

As Amtrak explored the development of high-speed rail in the early 1990s, it leased two European high-speed trainsets for testing: the Swedish X2000 and the German Intercity Express (ICE). Both trainsets were used in revenue service on the southern portion of the Northeast Corridor in 1993. The equipment was also put on display in cities across the country.

Designed and built by Asea Brown Boveri, Inc. for the Swedish State Railways, the X2000 was tested by Amtrak because it could travel at higher speeds than conventional trains on existing main line track; unlike contemporary French and Japanese high-speed trainsets, it did not require new, dedicated tracks. In a brochure distributed to passengers, Amtrak explained that the X2000 included three innovations: "AC electric propulsion, radial self-steering trucks and an active carbody tilting system."

In this image, the train is just east of the historic Harpers Ferry, W.Va., depot.

Photographer: Ingwar Afeldt. From the Ingwar Afeldt Collection.