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Shared Memories

Generous donations to the Amtrak Archives help round out our collection and demonstrate the public’s sustained interest in America’s Railroad.

Shared Memories

Journey into Autumn

Numerous Amtrak trains, particularly in the Northeast, offer stunning views of fall foliage right outside the window.

Journey into Autumn

Maintaining the Fleet

Since 1975, the Beech Grove shops southeast of Indianapolis have served as Amtrak's principal heavy maintenance facility.

Maintaining the Fleet

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Growing the Archives, Piece by Piece

In addition to our diverse corporate holdings, the Amtrak Archives includes generous donations from former employees and the public. Many of these items come with colorful backstories.

A Closer Look: Fall Landscapes

Colorful fall scenery often plays a starring role in advertisements for the Vermonter, Adirondack and Cardinal.

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