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Making the Following Station Stops...

Comparing historic and contemporary station images allows the researcher or casual historian to identify change and continuity over time.

Making the Following Station Stops...

Places to Go

Through colorful artwork and informative text, early Amtrak promotional brochures depicted the "freedom, flexibility and dependability” of modern train travel.

Places to Go

A Love of Railroading

Carman John Milenbaugh reflects on his proudest career accomplishments, his role in shaping labor-management initiatives and the thrill of railroading.

A Love of Railroading

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Stations Then and Now: Tour 1

The Amtrak Marketing department photo library contains numerous station slides that are now valuable visual records of interest to railroad and local historians.

A Closer Look: Traveling by Train

Amtrak used a variety of means to tell the public about its routes, accommodations and destinations after taking over the majority of the nation's intercity passenger rail services in 1971.

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Amtrak Exhibit Train

Amtrak Train Days banner 2

The Amtrak Exhibit Train is on the move as part of the Amtrak Train Days celebration! Check out the full Amtrak Train Days schedule to find events near you.