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Maintaining the Fleet

At the heavy maintenance facilities in Wilmington and Bear, Del., skilled Amtrak employees maintain, repair and overhaul electric locomotives and single-level Amfleet cars, respectively.

Maintaining the Fleet

Helping Hands

“Railroaders are railroaders—they help one another," says longtime Beech Grove employee Jack Sappington as he reflects on more than 40 years in the industry.

Helping Hands

A Rare Sight

In spring 1972, the experimental TurboTrain operated over the mountainous route between Washington and Parkersburg, W. Va. - giving rise to the short-lived "Potomac Turbo."

A Rare Sight

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Forklift operator Jack Sappington has worked in just about every shop building at the Beech Grove Heavy Maintenance Facility during his long career with Amtrak.

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Amtrak Exhibit Train

Amtrak Exhibit Train in the countryside 2

Through the display of artifacts, memorabilia and interactive exhibits, the Amtrak Exhibit Train tells the story of how the company became the leader in U.S. intercity passenger rail and high-speed rail initiatives. Visit the Amtrak Exhibit Train in a community near you!