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Making the Following Station Stops...

Comparing historic and contemporary station images allows the researcher or casual historian to identify change and continuity over time.

Making the Following Station Stops...

Through an Artist's Eyes

The daily Vermonter serves communities in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley and along the northeast side of Lake Champlain.

Through an Artist's Eyes

Tending the Niantic Bridge

Amtrak's Niantic River Bridge is one of five movable bridges along the Northeast Corridor between New Haven and Boston.

Tending the Niantic Bridge

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Stations Then and Now: Tour 3

The Amtrak Marketing department photo library contains numerous station slides that are now valuable visual records of interest to railroad and local historians.

A Closer Look: Fleeting Summer

Well-known artist Gil Reid, whose work was featured on the Amtrak calendar, depicted the people, trains and stations of America's Railroad in all seasons.

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Amtrak Exhibit Train

Amtrak Exhibit Train in the countryside 2

Through the display of artifacts, memorabilia and interactive exhibits, the Amtrak Exhibit Train tells the story of how the company became the leader in U.S. intercity passenger rail and high-speed rail initiatives. Visit the Amtrak Exhibit Train in a community near you!