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Viewliner flyer, 1980s.

Multicolor printed paper flyer issued in the late 1980s to solicit passenger feedback on the prototype Viewliner cars.

Viewliner brochure, 1988.

Multicolor printed paper brochure issued in April 1988 to promote the new Viewliner cars. That year, Amtrak introduced three prototype single-level Viewliners—two Sleeping cars and a Dining car—that ran in revenue service for evaluation. Passengers and employees were encouraged to provide feedback on the design and ride quality. From the Ann Owens Collection.

Viewliner brochure, mid-1990s.

Multicolor printed paper brochure highlighting the new single-level Viewliner sleeping cars. From the Ann Owens Collection; dates to the mid-late 1990s. Viewliners, manufactured by Amerail and introduced in 1996, are primarily used on routes in the East and Midwest where tunnel and bridge clearances preclude the use of Superliners.

Prototype Viewliner Sleeping car, 1988.

Color photograph taken in 1988 showing the Viewliner prototype Sleeping car No. 2300 in Washington, D.C.

Prototype Viewliner Bedroom, 1980s.

Color photograph showing a Bedroom made up for the evening in one of the prototype Viewliner Sleeping cars; image probably dates to the late 1980s.