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"Welcome to Amtrak" brochure, early 1970s.

Color printed paper brochure explaining the origins of Amtrak, challenges faced by the young company and a general outline for immediate and long-term improvements to the national passenger rail system. "Our aim is to serve you...Count on us. There's no limit on how far we'll go to give you a better trip." From the W. Mike Weber Collection.

Adirondack brochure, 1974.

Multicolor printed paper brochure issued on August 6, 1974, to mark the debut of the Adirondack (New York-Albany-Montreal) in revenue service. Brochure includes schedule, sample fares, route map and information about towns and historic sites. The front of the brochure bears the signature of Harold Graham, then-Amtrak Vice President of Marketing. Courtesy of Richard Slattery.

X2000 Demonstration brochure, 1993.

Full color printed paper brochure provides an overview of the X2000 demonstration train leased by Amtrak from the Swedish State Railways in 1992-1993. The X2000, along with its German counterpart, the Inter City Express, were used in revenue service on the Northeast Corridor and the equipment was also put on display in cities across the country. This brochure describes the X2000's technological advances and customer amenities. From the Ingwar Afeldt Collection.

X2000 in the Cascade Range, 1993.

Color film slide showing the X2000 being pulled through the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest during its national tour.

X2000 crossing the Potomac River, 1993.

Color film slide of the X2000 crossing the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, W.Va., on the last day of its national tour in July, 1993.

X2000 in the Chicago Yards, 1993.

Color slide showing the X2000 in the Chicago Yards for maintenance in June, 1993, during its national tour.

Inter-American brochure, 1974.

Two-color printed paper brochure issued in March, 1974, for the tri-weekly Inter-American (St. Louis-Laredo). Brochure includes schedule, sample fares and information about the bus transfer to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for the connection to National Railways of Mexico's Aztec Eagle (Nuevo Laredo-Mexico City). The Inter-American ran from 1973-1981; subsequently, part of its route was served by the new Eagle (Chicago-San Antonio-(Los Angeles)). From the W. Mike Weber Collection.

Amfleet II food service car No. 28000, 1980s.

Color photograph showing tables and booths in an Amfleet II food service car; image likely dates to the early 1980s.

Amfleet II food service car, 1980s.

Color photograph showing the lounge area in an Amfleet II food service car; image likely dates to the early 1980s.

Train at the Brunswick, Md. station, 1970s.

Black and white photograph showing a train stopped at the Brunswick, Md. station; image likely dates to the mid-1970s.