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Home > Archives > Amdinette in the Penn Coach Yard, 1970s.

Amdinette in the Penn Coach Yard, 1970s.

Black and white photograph showing a new Amdinette parked in the Penn Coach Yard north of Philadelphia 30th Street Station; image likely dates to the late 1970s.

Amdinette in the Penn Coach Yard, 1970s.

The Amdinettes were built by the Budd Company as part of the original order of single-level Amfleet cars in the mid-1970s. Designed to reach speeds of up to 125 mph, the tubular cars were covered in ridged stainless steel. Here, the car wears the Phase II paint scheme introduced in 1975.

Of the five Amfleet car configurations, three offered food service: Amcafe, featuring a food service counter in the center of the car with seating at both ends; Amclub, which had coach seating in one half, a standard food service unit in the center and two-by-one club car seating on the other end; and the Amdinette, which was a conventional Amfleet food service car with a diner section of eight tables occupying one-half of the car.

In the background is the West Philadelphia Elevated Branch, or "High Line," which consists of brick arches and steel spans. Erected in 1903, it allowed freight traffic to move separately through this section of the city, thereby avoiding congestion with passenger trains and streets below.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak.