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Amfleet coach car No. 21800 interior, 1981.

Black and white photograph showing the interior of Amfleet coach car No. 21800; image dates to 1981.

Amfleet coach car No. 21800 interior, 1981.

In late 1973, Amtrak ordered the first of an eventual 492 single-level cars, known as Amfleet I, that were based on the design of the popular Metroliner. With tubular bodies and ridged stainless steel fluting, they could reach speeds of up to 125 mph.

The Amfleet cars came in five configurations, including the long-distance Amcoach shown in this photo. Weighing in at 106,000 pounds, the long-distance Amcoaches had 60 seats in a 2x2 configuration versus coaches with 84 seats used on short-distance corridor services. The coach interiors incorporated bold color choices such as orange curtains and red striped upholstery for the seats.

In early 1980, Amtrak ordered an additional 125 Amfleet II coach cars also for use on long-distance overnight routes. They are similar in exterior appearance to their Amfleet I predecessors, but include only one vestibule and were modified on the interior for a more spacious layout.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.