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Cleveland station dedication, 1977.

Black and white photo from the July 15, 1977 issue of Amtrak NEWS showing an open house at the new Cleveland, Ohio, station.

Cleveland station dedication, 1977.

On July 12, 1977, a crowd of more than 300 gathered for the dedication of the new Cleveland Lakefront Amtrak station. The $552,000 depot was built according to new Amtrak station standards and could accommodate up to 150 travelers at one time. According to an article in Amtrak NEWS, "A good Amtrak image, extensive weather protection and improved auto access were assigned top priorities."

Speakers included Mary J. Head, vice chairman of the Amtrak Board of Directors, and Cleveland Mayor Ralph J. Perk. Following the dedication ceremony, during which a specially designed Amtrak flag was raised, attendees were invited to tour the new facility and enjoy refreshments such as cake and coffee.

From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.