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Hoosier State flyer, 1980.

Two color printed paper flyer issued on October 1, 1980 to mark the start of the Hoosier State (Chicago-Indianapolis). Includes timetable, sample fares and schematic map.

<i>Hoosier State</i> flyer, 1980.

The daily Hoosier State launched on October 1, 1980, reconnecting the Indiana state capital to the national passenger rail network; the city had lost its last passenger service when the National Limited (New York/Washington-Kansas City) was discontinued in October 1979.

The start of service was met with great fanfare at stations along the route. According to the October 2, 1980 issue of the Madison [Indiana] Courier, "A festive atmosphere prevailed on both legs of [the inaugural] journey...In Crawfordsville...a brass band, fire engines with sirens wailing and a crowd of about 300 turned out...Wearing red, white and blue cardboard hats and Amtrak buttons, the crowd clapped and cheered." Indiana Senator Birch Bayh, who sought to reestablish rail service to Indianapolis, was also on the maiden trip, which he described as "Like having a new baby."

As of 2013, the Hoosier State operates four days of the week; on the other days, the thrice-weekly Cardinal (New York-Chicago) covers the same route between Indianapolis and Chicago.

From the Ann Owens Collection.