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New uniforms for the Acela Onboard Service personnel.

Color transparency showing the new uniforms designed for Onboard Service personnel on the high-speed Acela Express (Washington-Boston). Image dates to 1999-2000.

New uniforms for the <i>Acela</i> Onboard Service personnel.
Coinciding with the introduction of high-speed Acela Express service in 2000, Amtrak refreshed its brand with a new service mark and color scheme. Amtrak also hired designer Stan Herman to create a new uniform based on a color palette of blue, silver and gray. Unveiled in late 1999, the uniforms included gray jackets for men and women, turquoise knit vests, chiffon scarves and pants with cargo pockets. First introduced on the Northeast Corridor, the uniforms were then supposed to be distributed nationwide, but this roll out was never completed. By 2006, all Onboard and Station Services employees had fully transitioned back to traditional navy blue uniforms. Image by Carol M. Highsmith for Amtrak.