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Home > Archives > Pennsylvanian daylight service poster, 1998.

Pennsylvanian daylight service poster, 1998.

Multicolor printed paper poster created in late 1998 to promote the reroute of the Pennsylvanian between Philadelphia and Chicago.

<i>Pennsylvanian</i> daylight service poster, 1998.

Amtrak initiated the Pennsylvanian (Philadelphia-Pittsburgh) in April 1980 with financial support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; it preserved daytime service between the state's largest cities following the 1979 discontinuance of the National Limited (New York/Washington-Kansas City). Three years later, the eastern terminus was moved to New York City.

As the poster indicates, in 1998 the train was extended west to Chicago and the eastern terminus returned to Philadelphia. The new schedule allowed for daytime service to communities in Ohio, but due to low ridership at those stations, the Pennsylvanian reverted to its Pittsburgh-Philadelphia-New York routing in February 2003.

From the W. Mike Weber Collection.