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Pennsylvanian at Lewistown, 2016.

Color digital image showing the westbound Pennsylvanian (New York-Philadelphia-Pittsburgh) at the Lewistown, Pa., station; image dates to May 2016.

Pennsylvanian at Lewistown, 2016.

The daily Pennsylvanian covers a 444-mile route that passes through the Appalachian Mountains and Pennsylvania Dutch Country and crosses over the famed Horseshoe Curve and Rockville Bridge, the oldest stone masonry arch railroad viaduct in the world. As seen in this image, the train uses tubular Amfleet I cars, which began entering service in 1975. The Pennsylvanian is financed primarily through funds made available by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Lewistown depot holds a special distinction as the oldest surviving structure known to have been built by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Originally constructed in 1849 as a freight handling warehouse, it was converted to passenger use in 1868. Rectangular in plan, the brick depot sports a simple gabled roof and a two tone paint scheme of white walls above a brown base. A two story tower located at the center of the trackside façade projects onto the platform area and acts as a visual exclamation point.

In 1985, the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society purchased the depot and renovated it for use as a research center.

Photographer: Chuck Gomez for Amtrak. From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.