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Home > Archives > "Some Modest Improvements in San Diego" advertisement, 1971.

"Some Modest Improvements in San Diego" advertisement, 1971.

Printed paper insertion proof of an advertisement created in late 1971 to highlight increased frequencies between San Diego and Los Angeles and better connections.

"Some Modest Improvements in San Diego" advertisement, 1971.

This advertisement was one in a series created for Amtrak between 1971 and 1973 by the Ted Bates agency of New York City. According to the writing at the bottom of the piece, it was intended for placement in San Diego newspapers. In a letter to Amtrak, the Ted Bates agency noted that advertising was placed in newspapers, radio, television and magazines, but the first two were preferred "because of their ability to present local information and immediate impact."

The female passenger service representative holds up a copy of the new national timetable released on November 14, 1971. Passenger service representatives assisted customers on the train, listened to their complaints and compliments regarding Amtrak service and passed on ideas for improvement to management. She wears a red jacket incorporating the Amtrak service mark in white along the collar and button band.

From the Amtrak Corporate Collection.