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Prototype Viewliner Bedroom, 1980s.

Color photograph showing a Bedroom during the day in one of the prototype Viewliner Sleeping cars; image probably dates to the late 1980s.

Prototype Viewliner Bedroom, 1980s.

Measuring 85’4” long over the couplers and 14’ high, the Viewliner cars became known for their two rows of windows. One standardized stainless steel car shell was developed that with minor modifications could accommodate all car types. It is widest at the belt rail—10’6” across—and then tapers towards the roof.

Three prototype cars—two Sleeping cars and one Dining car—were assigned to various routes starting in early 1988. Amtrak actively solicited feedback from passengers, On-Board Services personnel and maintenance crews. The two Bedrooms in each car have a large sofa that converts into a bed, while an upper berth folds down from above. A chair sits opposite the sofa next to the window. The room also includes an enclosed bathroom with shower.

In late 1992, Morrison Knudsen won a $100 million contract to build 50 Viewliner Sleeping cars, and all units were delivered by 1996.

Photographer: Unknown for Amtrak.