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Home > Archives > Viewliner II cars on the assembly line, 2013.

Viewliner II cars on the assembly line, 2013.

Color digital image taken in October 2013 showing the Viewliner II assembly line at the CAF USA facility in Elmira, N.Y.

Viewliner II cars on the assembly line, 2013.

In July 2010, Amtrak awarded a $298 million contract to CAF USA to manufacture 130 new single-level, long-distance cars intended primarily for use on eastern routes. Work is taking place at the company's facility in Elmira, N.Y., which includes a manufacturing plant and test track. CAF USA hired more than 400 employees to perform manufacturing and final assembly work, and parts were sourced from more than 120 suppliers in 25 states.

Known as Viewliner II, the stainless steel cars are modeled after the single-level Viewliner I cars built for Amtrak in the mid-1990s. The order included 25 Sleeping cars, 25 Dining cars, 55 Baggage cars and 25 Baggage/Dormitory cars.

This new equipment is a key component in the Amtrak Fleet Strategy Plan addressing the long-term need for rolling stock and locomotives. Its arrival will allow Amtrak to retire older Heritage equipment dating from the mid-20th century. The cars will be used to supplement the existing fleet to support growth across the national passenger rail system, as well as to improve financial and on-time performance.

The cars in this image wear the Phase III heritage paint scheme.

Photographer: Chuck Gomez for Amtrak.