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Ticket agent at Rugby, N.D., 2010.

Digital image showing the ticket agent in his office at the Rugby, N.D., station.

X2000 in Cleveland, 1993.

Color film slide showing the X2000 at the Cleveland, Ohio, Amtrak station while on its national tour in July, 1993.

X2000 in the Chicago Yards, 1993.

Color slide showing the X2000 in the Chicago Yards for maintenance in June, 1993, during its national tour.

"Now Amtrak Trains Speed You To..." advertisement, 1971.

Printed paper insertion proof of an advertisement created in early 1971 to promote train travel on short- and long-distance routes radiating from Chicago.

City of New Orleans poster, 1980s.

Full color printed paper poster advertising the City of New Orleans (New Orleans-Memphis-Chicago); dates to the early 1980s.

Inter-American brochure, 1974.

Two-color printed paper brochure issued in March, 1974, for the tri-weekly Inter-American (St. Louis-Laredo). Brochure includes schedule, sample fares and information about the bus transfer to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for the connection to National Railways of Mexico's Aztec Eagle (Nuevo Laredo-Mexico City). The Inter-American ran from 1973-1981; subsequently, part of its route was served by the new Eagle (Chicago-San Antonio-(Los Angeles)). From the W. Mike Weber Collection.

Panama Limited "Mardi Gras Deal" flyer, 1980.

Multicolor printed paper flyer issued in late 1979 or early 1980 to promote discounted round-trip coach fares on the daily Panama Limited (Chicago-New Orleans).

Detroit-Chicago Turboliner Service brochure, 1975.

Multicolor printed paper brochure advertising the introduction of Turboliner equipment on the Detroit-Chicago route in April, 1975. Brochure includes schedules, sample fares and descriptions of towns along the route. "There's a bright new look in everything--from the beautiful new carpeting to the ultra-comfortable upholstered reclining seats, to the fold down dining trays with delicious hot meals available..." From the W. Mike Weber Collection.

National Limited route guide, 1977.

Two-color printed paper route guide issued in April 1977 for the daily National Limited (New York/Washington-Kansas City). Guide offers brief descriptions of cities and towns along the route, as well as a map and photographs. The National Limited was discontinued in October 1979. From the Ann Owens Collection.

Machinist making brass nuts at Beech Grove, 1980.

Black and white photograph from the August 1980 issue of Amtrak NEWS.