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Home > Archives > "Amtrak's New Superliner" poster, 1980s.

"Amtrak's New Superliner" poster, 1980s.

Multicolor printed paper poster showcasing new bi-level Superliner equipment; image dates to 1980 or later.

"Amtrak's New Superliner" poster, 1980s.

This poster highlights the new bi-level Superliner equipment that began to enter service on western long-distance routes in 1979. Against a snowy mountain backdrop, the horizontal lines in the lower section suggest windows; they depict the beautiful scenery seen from the train, as well as the Superliner interiors - including a bedroom, coach seats and the dining car.

In 1974, Pullman Standard won the contract that, as amended, called for production of 284 new bi-level cars. Manufactured at a plant in Hammond, Ind., the order included 102 coaches, 48 coach-baggage cars, 25 café/lounge cars, 70 sleepers and 39 diners. Built to be pulled at speeds up to 100 mph, the Superliners measure 85 feet long (to the ends of the couplers), approximately 10 feet wide and 16 feet high.

At the bottom edge of the poster is the "America's Getting Into Training" advertising slogan introduced in 1980.

From the Ann Owens Collection.