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Aboard the "Landmark Express"

May 22, 2014

In April, 1978, historic preservation advocates including Jackie Kennedy Onassis chartered an Amtrak train to Washington to fight the demolition of Grand Central Terminal.

A Closer Look: Fine Feathered Friends

April 30, 2014

Until Amtrak could refurbish all of the rolling stock purchased from the predecessor railroads, cars sported a variety of decorative schemes.

See the Amtrak Archives Up Close

April 22, 2014

Aboard the Amtrak Exhibit Train, you can study brochures, posters, photographs, vintage uniforms, china and other memorabilia drawn from our growing archival collections.

A Closer Look: Traveling the Amtrak Way

March 31, 2014

Drawing on classic railroad imagery allowed Amtrak to highlight its role in the long, rich history of American passenger rail service.

The Crescent is Born

March 25, 2014

In early 1979, Southern Railway exited the passenger rail business and turned over its Southern Crescent to Amtrak.

Amtrak to the Slopes

March 4, 2014

Amtrak trains such as the California Zephyr and Vermonter carry passengers to some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots in the country.

Romance on the Rails

February 13, 2014

For more than 40 years, chance encounters on Amtrak have led to dates, marriage proposals and even a few weddings.

Unveiling the Future of Amtrak Motive Power

February 7, 2014

To mark the Amtrak Cities Sprinters' (ACS-64) entry into revenue service, we take a look back at a few of the dedication ceremonies for its electric and diesel-electric predecessors.

A Uniform Retrospective

January 30, 2014

Although grounded in railroad tradition, uniforms worn by Amtrak Onboard and Station Services employees have reflected larger trends in color, tailoring, textiles and accessories.

Gil Reid and the Art of the Amtrak Calendar

January 27, 2014

Artist Gil Reid's precise, detailed watercolors defined the Amtrak calendar for nearly two decades, showcasing the company's advances while also evoking a bit of romance.