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A Closer Look: Rolling out the Red Carpet

January 10, 2014

The Lake Shore Limited shone during a special "Twentieth Century Week" filled with Broadway stars, champagne toasts and a nod to railroading's rich and colorful history.

Christmas on the Rails

December 20, 2013

For passengers traveling during the holidays, menus embellished with hand-drawn decorations evoke the joy and warmth of the season.

All Aboard for the Big Game: Amtrak Football Specials

December 11, 2013

Since its early days, Amtrak has promoted rail travel as a convenient and easy way to attend favorite sporting events, including games between famous football rivals.

Amtrak Year-by-Year: 1981

December 2, 2013

Proud of its work to refurbish the nation's intercity passenger rail system, Amtrak entered its second decade focused on diversifying its business, investing in employees and contemplating the future of American rail transportation.

A Thanksgiving Feast

November 25, 2013

For collectors of railroad menus, a specially decorated holiday edition is a rare prize that often shows the enduring popularity of our favorite foods.

Digging into the Archives: Special Trains Memorabilia

November 1, 2013

For more than 40 years, Amtrak has commemorated special trains with keepsake tickets, buttons, hats and other souvenirs.

Welcoming the Next Generation: Viewliner II

October 25, 2013

New single-level, long-distance cars will support growth across the national intercity passenger rail system and help improve financial and on-time performance.

Creating Intermodal Connections

October 21, 2013

Established through a partnership between Amtrak, the state of Maryland and the federal government, the BWI Airport-Thurgood Marshall Airport station was the first American intercity passenger rail facility to offer easy transfers between air and ground transportation services.

"Somethin' Special": A Superliner History

September 30, 2013

The first passenger cars designed to Amtrak specifications, the bi-level Superliners became the new face of American long-distance train travel.

Getting to Know Amtrak

September 17, 2013

During Family Days celebrations, employees were the company's best ambassadors as they greeted tens of thousands of visitors who enjoyed equipment displays, live entertainment, arts shows and more.