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Amtrak Year-by-Year: 1980

July 31, 2013

With a modernized fleet and renewed infrastructure, Amtrak expanded its reach through new state-supported services and intermodal partnerships with bus, steamship and airline companies.

Digging into the Archives: The AEM-7 Locomotive

July 19, 2013

Concurrent with the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project, the introduction of the electric AEM-7 locomotives represented a new, modern era of railroading in the greater Northeast.

Postmark Amtrak

June 28, 2013

Although intended as simple travel mementos, Amtrak postcards visually document more than 40 years of changes to routes, equipment and the on board experience.

Digging into the Archives: The Amazing GG-1 Locomotive

June 20, 2013

As Amtrak awaits the delivery of the ACS-64 electric locomotives, the future motive power of the Northeast Corridor, we take a look back at their proud and long-serving predecessors in a multi-part retrospective.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Carolinian

May 28, 2013

Since its inaugural run in May 1990, the Carolinian has provided state residents with greater travel options, spurred a nationally recognized station-rehabilitation program and encouraged the development of the popular Piedmont Service.

Amtrak Year-by-Year: 1979

May 7, 2013

As the 1970s came to a close, ridership and revenue hit record highs, work continued to modernize rolling stock, and management underwent a reorganization that proved vital in meeting the challenges ahead.

A Capital Connection: The Long Bridge

April 12, 2013

The Long Bridge is a vital link between the District of Columbia and Virginia for Amtrak trains serving the South—such as the Crescent, Silver Star and Carolinian—as well as for commuter and freight trains.

Digging into the Archives: The West Side Connection

April 3, 2013

After twenty years of operating from two passenger facilities in Midtown Manhattan, Amtrak bid farewell to Grand Central Terminal in April 1991 and consolidated services at Penn Station.

Mapping a New Course

March 25, 2013

Under the Amtrak Improvement Act of 1978, President Jimmy Carter directed the United States Department of Transportation to undertake a formal study of Amtrak’s route system in an attempt to “put Amtrak on a more stable financial footing...”

Digging into the Archives: The Art of David Klein

March 14, 2013

Advertising is essential to any business, and Amtrak effectively used print media in its early years to convey the excitement of train travel to a public unfamiliar with the new company and its services.